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Causes of my Chronic Illness (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities)

  Years of high mold exposure I moved into my apartment in 2014. It was a perfect little one-bedroom with a washer/dryer hookup and a dining nook that I later blocked off to become my son’s bedroom. Everything was wonderful for the first 2 years. Then I became depressed and filled with anxiety. My social life tanked and my memory got foggy. I started losing my hair and began getting panic attacks. I thought it was all due to being a single mom. I talked to my doctor but they couldn’t advise me what to do because they didn’t live with me. I was given painkillers to relieve my back pain. I started to see a therapist but they all said I seemed normal. I started taking iron pills because I was easily cold and my hair seemed to stay on my scalp with it. However, my bathroom didn’t have a fan for ventilation and I found myself cleaning mold often. I never thought anything of it. Gas leak in my house I moved into a house at the end of 2018. It was a fixer-upper and we did a lot of low-budget

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